How should a paper cup making machine choose a mold if it wants to produce paper cups of different sizes?

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This article will explain how Paper cup making machine should choose molds when making paper cups of different sizes.

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Based on our experience , the cup shapes are shaped by the molds . If there are two or more cup sizes , then we will be faced with the choice of molds.

There are two types of molds for paper cup machines:

half set mould (1).jpg

1.Full set of mold

Changing the complete set of molds will change the angle, upper diameter, lower mouth, and height of the paper cup.

Full set of molds.jpg

In this case , each individual size varies a lot in measurement . That is to say , it is not possible to keep the same bottom diameter and cup angle among them. Once they have the different bottom diameter , then they belong to “ the full set of molds”,which takes time to change the mold (2 days) and requires the experienced technicians as well . Usually , we do not recommend customers to take the full set of molds ,but to purchase more machines for different sizes in order to maintain the half set of molds in one machine , unless customers say “No!” 

2.Half set of mold

Replacing half a set of molds will change the angle, top, and height of the paper cup, but the bottom will remain unchanged.

Half set of mold.jpg

the half set of mold should be taken by diagrams and images of each cup size which shows the same bottom diameter and cup angle ,which are easily changeable( just a few hours to change the mold) and money-saving for molds cost as well .

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