Paper lid machine with 16oz paper cups in Bulgaria

Meeting the needs of Bulgarian customers: repurchase case from 16oz paper cup machine to paper capping machine

In past cooperation, we were fortunate to provide a 16oz paper cup machine to a customer from Bulgaria, which helped his business take an important step. As his business expanded and demand for his product line increased, he decided to work with us again, this time with the goal of purchasing a paper capping machine to complete his paper cup production line.

This customer chose us again because of the excellent quality and outstanding service we demonstrated during our previous cooperation. Our 16oz paper cup machine not only performs well in performance, but is also highly recognized by customers. Therefore, his trust and satisfaction in us made him decide to choose us again without any hesitation.

This cooperation is not only a simple transaction, but also a continuation of our long-term cooperative relationship. We will continue to provide this customer with the highest quality products and services and work with him to promote his business development. We look forward to future cooperation and provide him with more support and help to achieve a win-win situation together.

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