Automatic Simple intelligent Double Wall paper cup machine In Iran

In 2023, an Iranian customer purchased an Automatic Simple Intelligent Double Wall paper cup machine from a Chinese manufacturer for their paper cup production business.
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The customer had previously been using manual machines and was looking for a more efficient and automated solution.

After conducting thorough research and discussing with the manufacturer, the customer decided to invest in this particular machine due to its high productivity, low maintenance requirements, and advanced features such as automatic lubrication, sensor detection, and fault diagnosis.

The speed of this cup set machine can reach 70 per minute, and with the OCM12 purchased by the customer from us, it can produce double-wall paper cups and corrugated cups with stable quality.
The double-wall feature also provides insulation and thermal protection, making it ideal for hot drinks. Thanks to the automation of the machines, customers are able to significantly increase production volumes and reduce labor costs. They also appreciate the quick and easy switching between different cup sizes and designs, which allows them to meet the needs of different customers. Overall, the automatic simple intelligent double-wall paper cup machine is a valuable investment for Iranian customers, improving their production efficiency and product quality. They recommended the machine to others in the industry and continue to work with the manufacturer to provide ongoing support and maintenan

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