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Technical Features 1
Sensors:Sensor failure detecting and it stops working automatically if themachine has any problem, it can greatly improve operation safety.
Technical Features 2

Full servo double station paper tray machine food paper plate machine

Price: Negotiable
Model: MY-ZDJ1200
Production Speed: 120~140pcs/min
Paper Plate Size: 2-12 inch(mold exchangeable)
Raw Material: paper/paperboard.aluminum foil coated paperone side PE coated paper or other
Power Source: 380V,50/60HZ or other required
Machine Size: 4100mmx1750mmx2000mm
Total Weight: 2000KG
Suitable Paper Weight: 100-500gsm
Certification: CE, ISO,SGS
Place of Origin: CHINA.

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Machine Structure

MY-ZDJ1200 Full servo paper plate machine
Working Stations
Double stations
Double stations
2-12 inch(mold exchangeable)
Raw Material
paper/paperboard.aluminum foil coated paperone side PE coated paper or other
Suitable Paper Weight
100-500 gsm
Production Speed
120~140 pcs/min(7200--8400pcs per hour)
Power Source
380V.50/60HZ or other required
Total Power
8.5 KW
Total Weight
2000 Kg
Package Size(Lx Wx H)
Air pressureeRr



Oil pressure:Mpa 0.3-0.6

Cylinder stroke:125 mm

Technical Features:

1. Electric System:Quality Branded Electric Systems such as Delta, Schneider,Innovance

2. Control Panel::It adopts PLC controller and touch screen (man -machine interfaceall the working parameters can be setup on the control panel whichis convenient for parameter setting and adjusting.(easy operate)

3. Robot hand auto paper feeding unit(servo driving):Robot hand auto paper feeding unit(servo driving)it is adopted with robot hand to feed the paper automaticallyit is driven by servo motor , more accurately and less issues

4. Counting & Collecting System:The counting &collecting system with sorting function can stack thefinished paper plate in order, which is convenient for packaging andsave the labor costs

5. 8 Servo motor:There are 8 servo motors installed ,which ensure all the movement accurately and stably ,inlcuding plates pre-feeding , sucking , transferring and collecting

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