• Technical Engineer support

    Send technician for installation training, the cost cover by buyer(round ticket, accommodation, Salary of USD 100 Each day)...

  • Quality control and inspection

    through a comprehensive inspection and inspection procedures, to ensure that every machine meets the high standard of quality requirements. From raw material procurement to final assembly, our professional team monitors every step of the way to ensure that every machine delivered to our customers is reliable and efficient....

  • Technical Support

    Our technical support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues with the machine and provide quick solutions....

  • Provide solution

    We have experienced professional design team, according to the needs of customers to provide the most suitable machine and give a one-stop solution....

  • After-Sales Service

    We will always keep track of operating behavior,and provide customers withmachine maintenance services.We will take into account the needs of our users,focus on the customer experience, and do our best to provide the most professional advice to help you create and expand your business....

  • Quality Assurance

    We offer a two-year warranty on spare parts from the time the machine is received by the customer. During this period, we will provide the spare parts required for the {cms:field name="title"/} free of charge to ensure your smooth operation during use....

  • Spare Parts Availability

    The operating tools are good quality,durable,sturdy and long service lifewe supply more replaceable parts to client to replace the brokenspare parts and help client save money and time to buy it....

  • Technical Training

    We offer a comprehensive technical training service to ensure that your team can master and operate our paper cup machines. The training covers equipment operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and other aspects to help you maximize the performance of the machine and improve production efficiency....

  • Installation Support

    Our machines will be shipped after installation and commissioning, ensuring that the customer can start the operation directly after receiving the machine. We provide detailed video guides so that you can easily understand every step of the machine operation....

  • Customized Machine Design

    We offer unique {cms:field name="title"/} solutions according to your needs. Regardless of size, speed or other special needs, we are committed to providing the perfect solution....

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