Why coffee cup making machine It is not recommended that customers frequently replace molds of multiple sizes?

Author:MINGYUAN Paper Cup Machine SuppliersFROM:Disposable Cup Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-05-08

Our machines can be changed with the different molds( different cup sizes) ,especially for the half set of molds (cups with the same bottom diameter and cup body angle) . However we do not recommend customers to change the molds frequently in machines due to the following 

reasons :

1.Replacing molds takes a lot of time

It takes time to change the mold , which causes the delay of production .  Even For an very experienced technician , it will take 1-2 hours to change a half set of mold , 1 day a full set of mold .4月12日(2) (1).jpg

2.Testing after replacement will waste a lot of paper cup fans. 

After change with the mold , machines must be tested again for the production ,which causes the more waste of paper .

4月12日(3) (1).jpg

3.Easy to cause mold damage

During the change of molds , the spare parts of machines will be prone to the damage .

 4月12日(4) (1).jpg

4.Too fast machines make mold replacement more difficult

For high-speed double plates paper cup machines , we strongly do not recommend to change the mold because there is the high risk of spare parts damage and production failure with the new mold . 

4月12日(5) (1).jpg

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