Double Wall Ripple Coffee Paper Cup Machine in Based in Bulgaria

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Customer Profile:

Based in Bulgaria, this customer is a leading coffee chain that has been in business for over a decade. With a focus on sustainability and providing customers with high quality beverages, the company has gained a loyal customer base and expanded its operations in several cities in Bulgaria.

Business Challenges:

Customers faced challenges in finding double corrugated paper coffee cups for their drinks. These cups are favored by customers for their excellent insulation properties, which keep hot drinks warm longer and cold drinks cold longer. However, customers rely on importing these cups from overseas suppliers, resulting in long lead times, high shipping costs and inconsistent quality.

Solutions provided:

To overcome these challenges, the client decided to invest in a double-layer corrugated coffee cup machine. This machine will enable them to produce these cups in-house, ensuring consistent quality and shorter lead times, thus reducing costs. After conducting in-depth market research and evaluation, the customer chose a reputable manufacturer known for producing paper cup mechanical equipment.

Implementation process:

Once the machine is delivered to the customer's facility, the manufacturer provides the customer's staff with comprehensive training on how to effectively operate and maintain the machine. The training covers cup design, raw material selection, machine setup and troubleshooting.


The introduction of the double-layer corrugated coffee cup machine proved to be a game-changing move for customers. They are now able to produce high-quality cups on demand, freeing them from dependence on expensive imports. This not only delivers significant cost savings for customers, but also lowers their carbon footprint by reducing transport-related emissions.

In addition, in-house production enables customers to customize cups with brand logos, further boosting their brand awareness and customer loyalty. The ready availability of cups ensures a seamless supply chain, enabling customers to meet the growing demand for their drinks without delay.


By investing in a double-layer corrugated coffee cup machine, the Bulgarian coffee chain has successfully solved the problem of finding high-quality cups. In-house production not only improves operational efficiency, it also contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals. This case is an example of how investing in the right machinery can have a significant impact on a business's bottom line and align with its values and goals.

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