How to choose when buying a paper cup machine?

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In our daily life, paper cups are a kind of very common product for drinking. For the reason of protectingpaperis a great solutionourenwrronment

compared with plastic materialsFirst, the paper used for producing paper cups is pe coated paper. Coated paper is a kind of paper-plastic composite materials that are coated by plasticparticles (such as PE particles) on the surface. lt can realize oil proof, water proof and hot bonding.

Paper fan is pe coated paper. When the machine is heating (use ultrasonic heater or copper heater) the paper fan,the pe will melt. so the paper can stick together and form a body of cup.


Although ultrasonic heater and copper heater have the same function, but they have 3 differences

1.Price is different. Ultrasonic heater is 1200 usd more expensive than copper heater.

2.Types of pe coated paper and paper weight is diferent. Copper heater only uses 140 to 230 gsm  single pe coated paper (pe is coated on one side ofpaper) and produces cups only for hot drink.


3. Ultrasonic heater uses 140 to 350 gsm single pe coated and double pe coated paper (pe is coated on both sides of paper, so can produce cups for hot and cold drink.


4.The visual effect of cup surface is diferent. 

As for cup surface made by copper heater,there will be an obvious pressing line and looks not beautifu.
Because copper heater is a traditional resistance heating and has the disadvantage of uneven heating.


As for cup surface made by ultrasonic heater, the cup surface is more flat and beautiftu, because ultrasonic heating adopts high-frequency vibration.


in conclusion, paper cup machine to choose copper heater or ultrasonic heater, you should consider your market preference, cost and uses of cups, so make the best decision.

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