Why does a paper cup manufacturing machine need an air compressor?

Author:MINGYUAN Paper Cup Machine SuppliersFROM:Disposable Cup Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-05-08

In order to make the machine more durable, we upgraded the cylinder and replaced it with a vacuum generator. Therefore, an air compressor is needed to provide air source for the vacuum generator.

In the daily use of paper cup manufacturing machines, the air compressor is often required to achieve a higher level of automation and Intelligent level.

The air compressor can cooperate with sensors, control systems, etc. to realize automatic paper fan feeding, automatic detection, automatic adjustment and so on, which improves production efficiency and the quality of products. For example, when a sensor detects paper fan, the air compressor will provide air source for the paper suction system to achieve stable and efficient paper suction.

1.Sucking down the paper ba airflow(generated by the air com pressor)

1 (4) (1).jpg

The paper cup machine also requires an air compressor to provide air source during the forming process. For example, an air compressor provides air source for the heating furnace and enough air is supplied to the second and third heater, which can seal the cup bottom better, ensuring no leakage issues.

2.Assisting cutter to blow out waste

2 (2) (1).jpg

3.Blowing hot air to the bottom of the cup to form the embossing

4月10日 (4) (1).jpg

Secondly, the mould of paper cup machine retains holes, and the air supplied by air compressor will be blown out of the holes, so each formed cup can be removed smoothly.

4.AII of the moulds have air holes.Blow up a paper cup.

4月10日(1) (2) (1).jpg

Finally, if the paper cup machine is equipped with a counting system, the air compressor will provide air source for the counting system to collect cups successfully.

To sum up, the air compressor plays a vital role during paper cup production, providing strong support for the normal operation and efficient production.

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