Working process of semi-automatic die cutting machine (2)

Fourth, install version:

1. Before installing the plate, check whether there is any debris on the back of the plate frame and die-cut plate, and clean it if necessary.
2. Place the die-cut plate with high elastic cotton on the plate frame. After selecting the position, fix the upper and lower positions of the plate with screws. Use moderate force when fixing to prevent deformation of the plate frame after excessive force.

Five, install the die strip:

1. Select the appropriate die strip according to the type of product to be processed.
2. For general plywood, use 0.8mmX3.0mm die strip; E tile uses 1.0mmX3.0mm die strip; B and C tile use 1.0mmX4.0mm die strip.
3. The length of the die strip should be cut to be the same as the length of the indentation line, and the two ends should be cut into sharp angles of 45 degrees.
4. One piece should be cut and installed during installation to avoid missing installation. Remove the adhesive protective film after installation. Move the machine to press and glue the die strip on the base plate.
5. Then remove the auxiliary strip on the die strip, scrape off the upper adhesive layer with a blade and trim the two ends of the die strip to make both ends smooth.

Six, set the rules:

Through the finished line marked on the product, use scissors to cut the finished line into a 45-degree oblique opening, then align the cut oblique opening with the center of the indentation strip, and then fix the front gauge of the product with high elastic cotton. By analogy, fix the side rules of the product.

Seven, the drum version:
1. First determine the front and side rules of the product.
2. Use double-sided tape to fix the sub-plate (resin plate) of the drum plate on the part to be drummed. Then buckle the master to the daughter board and fix it (at the same time, stick two layers of inner boxes on the back of the master, in order to achieve a better drumming effect)
3. Put the fixed drum plate on the product on the front and side gauges (fix the four corners of the product with tape to prevent the drum plate from falling off and deforming).
4. Jog the machine to push the master onto the die-cutting plate.
5. Take off the sub-board, stick double-sided tape on the back, and buckle it on the master.
6. Jog the machine to push the sub-plate onto the die-cutting machine iron sheet.
7. Semi-automatic die-cutting machine, trial production-sheet, to see if the drum part is accurate, if there is deviation, fine-tune the front and side gauges of the product.

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