Work process teaching material of semi-automatic die cutting machine (1)

1. Preparation:

1. When the captain of the die-cutting machine receives the production task notification from the production department, he should prepare the corresponding die-cutting plate, drum plate and tools needed for the plate: shovel, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, scissors . Go to the warehouse to receive auxiliary materials: high elastic cotton, creasing strips, double-sided tape, 5 cm tape, blades, gasoline.

2. If the die-cutting plate used in this production task is a previously used die-cutting plate, check the use of the blade on the die-cutting plate. If the blade on the die-cutting plate is damaged or not sharp, it cannot be guaranteed. To successfully complete the production task, a new blade must be replaced or a new die-cutting plate must be remade; if it is a newly produced die-cutting plate, first check whether the size of the die-cutting plate is consistent, and whether the pattern after the product is formed is consistent with the product. If they do not match, they must be reported to the production department for rectification.

3. At the same time, the deputy operator does the on-site 5s work 10 minutes before the shift; responsible for transporting the raw materials used in production to the work site, and the splints used during work. Record the transfer of semi-finished products with the upper and lower processes.

Second, the previous version:

1. The management of the new die-cutting plate: The management is for the continuity of the die-cutting operation, connecting the leftover material and the finished product in the production process, ensuring the order of paper delivery, giving full play to the performance of the machine, reducing waste and improving work efficiency.

2. The standard position of dots should be selected at the bottom, inner cover and life of the finished product to ensure that there are no traces left by the dots after the finished product is formed, and does not affect the overall visual effect. The width of the dots is the thickness and height of the die-cut material after being flattened. For the thickness of the object to be die cut, the width of the E tile box is generally 1 mm; the width of the B tile and C tile is 1.5 mm.

3. Use a hammer, blade or polished wind steel to hit the edge of the die-cutting knife vertically when doing the work. When doing work, you must master the strength to ensure a successful one.

Three, stick high elastic cotton:

1. The purpose is to smoothly separate the product and the die cutter through the action of high elastic cotton when processing the product.

2. High elastic cotton should be close to both sides of the knife line. Use scissors to cut a 45 degree bevel near the indentation line. Conducive to the next installation of the die strip.

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