what kind of machine is the double-station high-speed paper plate machine with hydraulic station

Brief introduction-what kind of machine is the double-station high-speed paper plate machine with hydraulic station:

Our machine ZDJ-1000 hydraulic station high-speed cardboard forming machine (with two stations) is designed and developed according to market demand. It is a hydraulic station for forming plates, which runs more smoothly without any trouble. The capacity will also be higher than a single workstation. The operation of the machine only requires very little air support, which can help customers save the cost of buying a large air compressor (save air).

Main technical data:

1. Paper tray size: 2--12 inches (interchangeable molds);
2. Raw materials: paper/cardboard, aluminum foil coated paper, single-sided PE coated paper or others;
3. Appropriate paper weight: 100--500 gsm (grams per square meter);
4. Rated productivity: 100--120 pieces/minute (a total of two stations, about 6000--9000 per hour);
5. Total power: 8.5KW;
6. Power supply: 380V 50Hz or other requirements;
7. Total weight: 2000 Kg;
9. Packing size (length x width x height): 3,0m x 1.7m x 1.7m;

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