Semi-Automatic Die Cutting Machine Operating Procedures and Techniques I

In modern industrial production, semi-automatic die-cutting machines are a key production equipment, and their operating procedures and skills are crucial to improving production efficiency and product quality.


How do you use a die cutting machine?


1. Preparation


(1) Operating tools

When the die-cutting machine operator receives a production task notification, he must first prepare the corresponding die-cutting plate and roller plate.

And the required tools, such as: shovel, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, scissors, etc.


(2) Check equipment

Check the blade usage on the die cutting plate to ensure it is sharp and intact.

If it is damaged or not sharp, replace the blade with a new one or make a new die-cutting plate in time.


(3) 5S

The deputy operator also needs to perform on-site 5S work, be responsible for the transportation of raw materials and plywood, and record the transfer of semi-finished products.


2. Previous version

Pay attention to the management of new die-cutting plates:


(1) Ensure continuity and order of paper delivery

Make full use of machine performance, reduce waste and improve work efficiency.


(2) Selection of bottom plate, inner cover and product life

The selection of the bottom plate, inner cover and product life is also crucial to ensure that no traces are left after the finished product is formed and does not affect the overall visual effect.


-The width of the point is the thickness and height of the die cut material after it has been flattened.

-For the thickness of the object to be die-cut, the point width of E corrugated boxes is generally 1 mm

-The point width of tiles B and C is 1.5mm.


*During operation, use a hammer, blade or polished wind steel to hit the edge of the die cutter vertically, and the force must be mastered to ensure success.


3. Paste high elastic cotton

The purpose is to smoothly separate the product from the die-cutting knife through the action of high-elastic cotton.

High-elastic cotton should be close to both sides of the knife line. Use scissors to cut a 45-degree bevel near the indentation line to facilitate the next step of installing the die-cut strip.



Semi-automatic die-cutting machines play an important role in modern production, and mastering their operating procedures and techniques is crucial to an enterprise's production efficiency and product quality.


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