Paper cup machine manufacturer introduced how to make paper cup

It only takes a moment to take shape! Let the Paper Cup Machine manufacturer introduce the paper cup forming process.

The paper used to make paper containers must be food grade paper, which is the better grade among papers. The oil- and water-resistant material must then be applied to the paper via a thin-film coating process before subsequent forming steps.

The film is a very thin layer of plastic material attached to the paper, making the paper cup resistant to oil, water, and long-term beverage and soup foods. The choice of this film material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cup. This is one step towards making the paper cups strong and beautiful.

High Speed Single Plate Open Cam Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM12
After the coating process, the desired pattern and color are printed on the paper roll. Paper Cup Machine manufacturers tell you that printing methods can be divided into gravure, convex plate, and flat plate. The cost of gravure printing is too high and it is rarely used now; relief printing uses paper rolls for continuous printing and the printing volume is large. Lithography cuts paper into slices and then prints them, and is suitable for manufacturing small quantities of products. After the ink is completed, a layer of water gloss treatment is printed for protection.

Some operators use ink printing, printing first and then coating, wrapping the ink in the coating. This production method has a higher loss rate and therefore higher costs. But regardless of the printing method, the printing materials for containers that come into contact with food must be food grade to ensure food safety.

High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100

The printed paper enters the die and the fan-shaped paper is produced, which is the unfolded shape of the paper cup wall. This fan-shaped paper is collected and fed to a forming machine, where the paper is immediately rolled into the shape of a cup. The Paper Cup Machine manufacturer tells you that at the same time, the mold provides heat at the seams of the paper, so that the PE is destroyed by heat and bonded to each other, and the bottom of the paper cup is bonded immediately. The mold then pushes the cup rim so that the paper on the cup rim is rolled up and heat-fixed to form the rim of the cup. These shaping steps can be completed in one second.

High Speed Intelligence Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM12

Send the completed paper cup to the inspection machine to confirm whether the shape is intact and whether the inner surface is clean and stain-free. The paper cups that have been inspected will enter the packaging process and wait for shipment from the Paper Cup Machine manufacturer.

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