How Do you Maintain a Cutting Machine?

Did you know that in actual production, a large amount of waste paper edges and paper scraps are produced when die-cutting cartons? If cleaning is not taken care of, these waste materials may cause machine failure.


How important is die cutting machine cleaning?

During the production process of the die-cutting machine, a large amount of waste paper edges and scraps will be produced. Failure to clean them may cause clogging of components and cause machine failure, so cleaning is crucial.


How do you clean a die cutter machine?

Operators should regularly clean up waste paper edges and paper scraps, paying special attention to the cleaning of the chain drive part, the moving platform of the die-cutting parts and the rotating moving parts.

Make sure that components such as the photoelectric detection head are not blocked. This is a critical step to ensure the machine is functioning properly.


Why does the die cutting machine need oil change?


1. Improve service life

The main moving parts of the die cutting machine require good lubrication and cooling conditions, otherwise the stable operation and service life of the machine will be affected.


2. Ensure normal operation

Change the lubricating oil regularly to ensure the normal operation of the main motor driving slide rods and pulleys, as well as the smooth operation of the four pairs of rockers.


In conclusion

Proper lubrication and cooling are essential to ensure efficient operation of the machine.

Through the above methods, you can effectively extend the service life of the die-cutting machine and ensure its normal and efficient production operation.

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