MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine

MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine

  • MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine
  • MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine
  • MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine
  • MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine
  • MYZG-100 Model Paper Lid Machine

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Product Description


MYZG-100 PAPER LID MAKING MACHINE with Lid Collection:


MYZG-100 Paper lid machine is our new design equipment to meet the high demand of paper lid and paper cover ,makes covers are widely used for ice cream cup, soup cup , coffee cup etc . according to customers’ demand, and the machine with automatic stacking,

It is an automatic machine with multi-functions : Automatic roll paper feeding ,creasing (make the forming guide line ), emboss (can make emboss, logo) ,cross cut (make hole for straw), Punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc), auto feed disc to mould ,heating ,folding ,knurling and discharge ,with convey and counter for the collection unit .only one worker can operate this kind machine, save cost and time.

(With PLC control and touch screen , easy to learn and operation.)

Main Features

1. The paper lid machine is controlled by PLC, all data show on touch screen, all process time set by coder.
2. The Knurling is similar to cup forming process, heating, folding , knurling and forming.
3. hot air system guarantee the stability of heating.
4. Many photoelectric sensors are used in machine, so it is easy to find faults if happens, and it can auto stop and give alarm when meet problems.
    In this way, all machine part will not knock against one another, it will improve machine life circle.
5. Automatically Oil lubrication system inside for lubricating machine moving parts, make them longer service life, not easily get broken .
6. The machine is adopted with high precision big cam structures and running smooth ,low noise. Machine runs at very less noise and lid forming very stable.


Suitable paper

Double side PE Coated Paper

Paper weight

250-350 gsm

Lid forming size

Lid height: 8-15mm

Diameter 60-100mm(cup lid) / Diameter 100-140mm (bowl lid)

Forming speed


Air pressure


Air consumption


Total power

10 KW

Power supply

AC 380V, 50Hz, three-phase, or other requirements

Machine dimension


Machine weight

2500 KG

Machine Detail Describe:

1.Touch Screen Controller: It adopts PLC controller and touch screen (man -machine interface), all the working parameters can be setup on the control panel which is convenient for parameter setting and adjusting.

2.The roll paper feeding is controlled by the servo motor, which makes the paper feeding more accurate and more reliable, and reduce the waste of the paper.

3.Creasing ( make the forming guide line ), embossing (make the embossing logo) ,and cross cutting / hole Punching (make the hole for straw )

4.Folding and knurling system is for paper lid forming and rolling lid indentation

5.Machine with two Sets Hot Air Heating System which provide hot air to guarantee the stability of heating. And ensure Finished lid without any leakage Trouble

6.Auto Oil Lubrication System For machine self oil lubrication which keep sure machine smooth running and long span life. Need less human manual maintaining operation.

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