8-inch and 12-inch full servo paper plate machine in Australia

Country: Australia

Solution: ZDJ-1200 8-inch servo tray machine and ZDJ-1000 10-inch hydraulic tray machine

A restaurant chain based in Sydney, Australia, known for its diverse demand for paper plates and growing production volumes. They once purchased a ZDJ-1000 8-inch paper tray machine and experienced its excellent performance and stability during use. Now, in order to further improve production efficiency and meet diversified needs, the group decided to purchase a ZDJ-1000 8-inch servo paper tray machine and a ZDJ-1200 10-inch hydraulic paper tray machine.

The ZDJ-1200 8-inch servo paper tray machine uses an advanced servo motor drive system to achieve more precise and efficient paper tray production. Its automatic paper feeding device and intelligent control system make operation easier. It is also equipped with a multi-sensor monitoring device that can detect and respond to any machine abnormalities in a timely manner to ensure the continuity and stability of production.

The ZDJ-1000 10-inch hydraulic paper tray machine is driven by a hydraulic system and is suitable for producing larger size paper trays. Its efficient hydraulic system and fully automatic operation mode can quickly complete the forming and sorting of paper trays to meet the needs of mass production. At the same time, the machine also has a hydraulic protection function to ensure the safety of the operator and the reliability of the machine.

By repurchasing the ZDJ-1200 8-inch servo paper plate machine and the ZDJ-1000 10-inch hydraulic paper plate machine, the restaurant chain group in Sydney, Australia has further improved production efficiency and product quality, while expanding the diversity and flexibility of the production line, providing Customers are provided with a wider and higher quality product selection.


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