Three 12-inch ZDJ-1000 paper plate machines in Indonesia

Country: Indonesia

Solution: JBZ-ZDJ1000 12-inch paper tray machine

A chain catering company located in Bangkok, Thailand, such as fried rice, curry and stew. They had been looking for a paper plate that could meet their growing needs and be flexible for different dishes. After previously purchasing a JBZ-ZDJ-1000 12-inch paper plate machine, the company decided to repurchase three paper plate machines of the same model due to its excellent performance and stability.

The JBZ-ZDJ1000 12-inch paper tray machine has an automatic paper feeding device, which can quickly and accurately feed paper into the machine to ensure production efficiency and quality. Its intelligent control system and multi-sensor monitoring device can detect the operating status of the machine in real time and automatically shut down when an abnormality is detected, avoiding unnecessary waste and losses. In addition, the machine uses advanced oil lubrication and circulation systems to ensure smoothness and stability during machine operation and extend the service life of parts.

By repurchasing the JBZ-ZDJ1000 12-inch paper plate machine, a chain catering company in Bangkok, Thailand, has further improved production efficiency and product quality, provided customers with a faster and more convenient dining experience, and strengthened trust and cooperation with customers. relation.

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