MYC-180S full servo paper cup machine equipped with paper cup packaging machine in London

At All in Print Shanghai, customers found us and chose our paper cup machines and paper cup packaging machines

Challenge: As its stores continue to expand, the coffee chain faces continued demand for high-quality paper cups. Traditional supply channels can no longer meet its rapidly growing order volume, and customers are in urgent need of a reliable paper cup production solution.

Solution: At the exhibition, customers took a fancy to our MYC-180S paper cup machine, which is paired with a paper cup packaging machine. The MYC-180S paper cup machine is a fully automatic high-speed model that can produce high-quality 12-ounce paper cups at a speed of 120 pieces per minute. Combined with the paper cup packaging machine, paper cups can be quickly packaged and assembled to improve production efficiency.

Result: The customer decided to purchase a MYC-180S paper cup machine and match it with a paper cup packaging machine to meet its growing needs. This investment has brought significant improvements in production efficiency to the coffee chain, while also ensuring the quality and consistency of paper cups, enhancing customers' brand image and competitiveness.

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