OCM-12 intelligent model paper cups machines connect 1 set of packaging machine in Bahrain

Country:  Bahrain

Solution:MYC-OCM12 Intelligent model paper cup machine connect 1 set of packaging machine

Requirement Size:4oz,7oz,8oz

1-Hasan visited our factory and met George in last August ,2023 . But at that time he didn't prepare the finance to purchase machines . 
2-The new inquiry was sent to us in Mar. 2024 ,for his finannce is ready. 
3-Hasan kept bargaining with OCM-12 intelligent mode paper cup machine by inquiring with the different suppliers and the different salers inside Mingyuan . 
4-I kept giving the service but insisting the price quote by explaining the reason of my price quote . 
5-At last step ,by giving a discount of USD300 each set to complete the deal by the deposit . 


Based on Client’s requirements we give client the following advice: 

1. diagrams of 4oz,7oz ,8oz 
2. to choose a complete line of cups produciton+ cups packaging 
3. to explain why the price can't be offered as per Hasan required (USD12000) give a discount of USD300 to push him to make the payment of deposit (USD9500)

Outcomes: approve 4oz ,7oz and 8oz agree the price for the deal 

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