Single Wall Paper Cup Machine and Double wall Paper Cup Sleeve Machine in lraq

Country: Iraq

Solution: MYC-OCM12 and JBW-D

Requirement Size: Single Wall aper Cup 40Z and 120Z, Hollow type Double wall Paper Cup 40Z, 80Z,120Z,160Z

Client need buy two sets single wall paper cup machine 40Z and 120Z and two sets double wall paper cup machine forming 40Z80Z 120Z 160Z.

Client require as below:

1, Machines finished cup must total same as their sample cups

2, double wall cup raw material should for Cardboard paper not PE coated Paper


Base on Client require we give client ideas!

1. Client must need send us sample single wall paper cup anddouble wall cup as soon as possible we do drawing after receivehis sample cups.

2. Double wall paper cup sleeve machine raw material is cardboardpaper without pe coated must machine with hot melt system forglue sealing paper fan.

3. For 8OZ and 120Z client no produce single wall cup in our machine, client need at least 10 pcs single wall cup as sample for testing.


1. Client send us sample cups for drawing and keep more gty Single wall Cup 80Z and 120Z as test cups.

2. Clients Choose China brand Hot melt system for glue cardboard paper without pe coated.


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