salad paper bowl machine in New York, USA

Client Background: A fast food chain located in New York, focusing on fresh and healthy salads and soups. The customer flow in the store is relatively large, especially during lunch time. There is an endless stream of customers, and the demand for paper bowls is gradually increasing.

Challenge: Fast food restaurants face the challenge of insufficient supply of paper bowls. Due to the long delivery cycle of traditional suppliers, paper bowls are often out of stock in the store, which affects customers' dining experience and store image.

Solution: In order to solve this problem, the fast food chain in New York decided to introduce an efficient paper bowl production machine and chose the MY-W35 paper bowl machine. The machine can produce 60-80 paper bowls per minute and has a flexible size range suitable for a variety of soup and salad containers.

Results: After introducing the MY-W35 paper bowl machine, the fast food chain in New York successfully solved the problem of paper bowl supply. They are now able to produce the required number of paper bowls themselves, ensuring a smooth and tidy dining environment in the store. Customer satisfaction with the store is improved, which also leads to increased sales.

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