Ice cream paper bowl machine in Los Angeles, USA

Client Background: A fast food chain located in New York specializing in various flavors of ice cream and cold drinks.

Challenge: With the advent of summer, customer demand for ice cream has increased sharply, and the supply of ice cream bowls in the store cannot keep up, causing customers to wait for too long, affecting the service quality and efficiency of the store.

Solution: In order to cope with the challenge of the surge in orders, they decided to introduce the MY-W35 paper bowl machine. The speed of the machine can reach 60-80 pieces per minute, the bowl bottom size ranges from 70mm to 130mm, the upper mouth size ranges from 75mm to 150mm, and the height ranges from 50mm to 110mm. The customer chose a suitable paper bowl size of 520ml, upper mouth size of 112mm, and height of 76mm.

Results: After the introduction of the MY-W35 paper bowl machine, the ice cream service efficiency in the store has been greatly improved. Not only can it meet customers' demand for 520ml ice cream in a timely manner, but the continuous smooth flow of the production line also effectively reduces customer waiting time and improves the store's service quality and customer satisfaction.



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