MY-W35 paper bowl machine in Australia

Country: Australia


A Sydney-based vegetable and fruit salad chain known for providing high-quality fruit salads and vegetable salads. As they continue to expand their business scope, they urgently need an efficient and stable paper bowl production machine to meet the growing demand.

MY-W35 paper bowl machine is a paper bowl production equipment with high speed and wide application range. The machine can produce 60-80 paper bowls per minute, with the bottom size ranging from 70mm to 130mm, the top size ranging from 75mm to 150mm, and the height ranging from 50mm to 110mm. Its high-speed production capacity and flexible size range enable it to meet the needs of various paper bowl specifications.

A Sydney salad chain has achieved significant improvements in production efficiency after using the MY-W35 paper bowl machine. Whether it is a small bowl or a large bowl, the machine can complete production quickly and accurately, ensuring the smooth operation of the production line. At the same time, the machine also adopts an intelligent control system, which can automatically detect faults and alarm in time to ensure the stability and continuity of the production process.

After introducing the MY-W35 paper bowl machine, Sydney's salad chain has successfully improved its production efficiency and can meet the growing needs of customers in a timely manner, providing customers with a better dining experience.

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