Multi-Paper Straw Packing Machine

Multi-Paper Straw Packing Machine

  • Multi-Paper Straw Packing Machine

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Product Description

Technical Specification: 



Packaging material

OPP Film,PE Film,PE Coated Paper width


Bag length


Packaging width


Packaging height


Packing speed(Depend on packing material)


Packinf Qty.


Total Power


Machine dimension(m m)


Machine weight


Product Description

Straw packing machine is a kind of equipment which can pack beverage straw into bag automatically. The whole machine is driven by a motor, and it consists of transmission system, film (paper) unwinding device, straw-filling device, automatic sealing device, finished product delivery device and so on. The machine is developed by our technicians, with a high degree of automation and production speed, it can finish filling and packaging at one time.


1. It adopts PLC frequency converter with a touch-screen display, measurement precision, electrical fault auto-detection, easy to operate and adjust.
2. It uses high-quality double-frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, long life, less wear and tear.
3. Its high-precision optical detection and tracking(film color tracking),two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
4. Intelligent products feeding detection, optimizing the online function, effectively prevent the packaging material consumption, making the device a perfect run.
5. Drinking straws calculated by counting wheel, servo motor control, more accuracy.
6. Packing speed and bag length use the double frequency converter control, infinitely variable speed, arbitrary adjustment range, can match the front-line working produce perfectly.
7. Stainless steel conveyor table, and the main machine part of the spray paint can also be operated according to the customers’ requirements with stainless steel.

Packing material paper/film roller device which for putting raw material roll

Paper straw storage which for put the paper straw made by Organic Glass

Paper straw feeding and counting unit which for paper straw feeding to packing unit

Sealing unit which for heating to sealing straw by Paper or Plastic Film

Control Panel and touch screen which intelligent control machine running

Heat Cutter system for cutting paper or plastic film once finished packing

Conveyer for finished package do transport

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