Stable running speed 30-50pcs each min. intelligent model machine with PLC and touch screen. The fault sensor detection system detects abnormal work and realizes automatic shutdown to protect spare parts.The hot air generator can soften the paper and make machine running higher and stable

Paper Lunch Box Machine

Two Compartments PE Coated Paper Lunch Box Machine MYC-CHJG

Production Capacity: 30-50 pcs/min(Speed is affected by box size)
Maximum Size:500 x 500mm (Paper Size which have not forming)
Suitable Material:200-400g/m2(PE Coated paper)
Total Power:6KW
Power Source:220V/380V 50Hz or other required
Packing Size:2000(L)x1130(W)x1920(H)mm

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Two Compartments PE Coated Paper Lunch Box Machine MYC-CHJG
Two Compartments PE Coated Paper Lunch Box Machine MYC-CHJG
Two Compartments PE Coated Paper Lunch Box Machine MYC-CHJG
Two Compartments PE Coated Paper Lunch Box Machine MYC-CHJG
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