High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100

The machine comes with vaccum suction unit to suck down and feeding paper fan, sensor failure detecting and it can send the alarm automatically if the machine has any problem and it can greatly improve operation safety.The whole machine adopts oil lubrication and circulation system, Open cam drive and full gear drive system, which make it more accurate and stable.
High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100
High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100
High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100
High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100
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Max Speed
Paper Cup Size
2-16 0Z (Mould exchangeable)
Model High Speed Simple Model Paper Cup Machine MYC-OCM100
Cup Side Welding Copper Heater   
Ultrasonic heater
Paper Cup Size 2-16 0Z (Mould exchangeable, Max Cup Height:95mm,Max Bottom width:70mm
Rated Speed 100-120pcs/min ( Speed affected by cup size, paper quality & thickness)

90Z,280GSM paper cup Stable running speed 115 pcs each min.

Suitable paper weight 140-350gsm
Raw Material Only one-side PE coated paper ( Popular for Hot drink cups )
One or Two side PE coated Paper (Popular for Hot and Cold drink Cups)
Suitable paper weight 140-350gsm
Power Source 50/60HZ,380V/220V ( better use 380V.3 Phase )or special Power requirement.
Total Power 4.8-5 KW
Total Weight GW/NW: 1600KGS/1500KGS
Pack Size(L*W*H) 2050*1150*1900mm (20 GP Container load 6 sets,40HQ Container load 12 sets)
Working Air Source No need provide Air
Air pressure:0.4Mpa;

Air Out-put:0.6m3/minuteNeed to buy 
Air Compressor(by user)

Cup Bottom Heating Heater Knurling
1side PE paper by heater knurling.

2side PE paper by cool device (circlewater) knurling.

Cup Bottom Knurling Heater Knurling (if use single PE coated paper)
Customer Case
MYC-OCM100 copper heater paper cup machine

Country: Senegal

Solution:MYC-OCM100 copper heater paper cup machine 

Requirement Size: 3OZ

MYC-OCM12 Intelligent model paper cup machine

Country: Senegal

Solution:MYC-OCM12 Intelligent model paper cup machine

Requirement Size:Single Wall Paper Cup 4OZ and 6OZ

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FAQ of Paper Cup Machine
Q:1.How will the machine be repaired if there are faults, andwhat is the warranty?

Our engineer team will send the operation video to guide you tcsolve the problem .if the spare parts is broken in the warrantyperiod, we will send you the new replacement parts for frec.

Q:2.What is the raw materials for the paper cup machine ?

Raw materials : Single /double PE coated paper fan which isalready cut and printed , bottom paper roll

PS: Machine is without printing and cutting function(onlycan cut bottom roll paper, it can not cut the paper fan )

Q:3.One machine is with just one mould or several mould? Can we make difference size of the cup in one machine?

One machine is installed one full set mould for free. You canbuy extra half set mould (easy to change) or full set mould(difficult :1% success rate). We only recommend to change1-3 sets half set mould (with same bottom diameter size)in one machine.

Q:4.What else we need to start the production ?

Food grade or silicone oil and a small air compressor.

Q:5.How can I install the machine and get training servicesin my country?

The machine will be finished installation and tested runningperfectly before the delivery . You will get the completemachine which is finished installation. We will provide the fulloperation and training Videos to guide you to run the machineAnyone can install the machine and operate it easily.


Through this video, we will show you the paper cup manufacturing processand superior performance of OCM100. This machine can produce cupsranging from 2 to 16 ounces, meeting various size requirements.

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Product features


Ultrasonic heater suitable for sealing the Single PE / Doule PE paperPaper weight.

10 PCS Mould Design

It is adopted 10 pcs mould desgin which can make the machine runin higher efficiency and stable speed at 110-120 pcs/min .Normaldesign 8 PCS mould is only 70-80 pcs/min.

5 Bottom Heater System

The new design adopts 5 heaters bottom heating system which ismore than the old design and make the paper bottom sealing effectis more better without leakage trouble in high speed running

Full Gear Driving System

Main mechanism and moving parts are controlled by stronger anddurable gears which is more efficient and more stronger than chainand axis.(support stable running speed 110-120 pcs/minr ,longerservice life less troubles and lower noise)

Two Layer Paper Fan Feeding Unit

Two layer paper fan feeding unit, more stable and smooth for feedingpaper in the slideway

New Design Seperated Top Curling Unit

It can move seperately and no need to work with the bottom heatingunit,.which can greatly increase the speed of machine.