JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine

JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine

  • JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine
  • JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine
  • JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine
  • JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single Plate Paper Cup Machine

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Product Description

Technical Parameter



JBZ-OCS9 Open Cam Single plate Paper Cup Machine(Electric Heater Welding)

Paper Cup Size

3 ~9 OZ (30ml~250ml Mould exchangeable) max height to 90MM

Raw Material

Only one-side PE coated paper ( Popular for Hot drink cups )

Suitable Paper Weight

140gsm—210 GSM

Rated Productivity

70-80 pcs/min

Total Power

4.8 KW

Power Source

50/60HZ, 380V/220V ( better use 380V, 3 Phase ) or special Power requirement.



Total Weight


Machine Size(L * W * H)


Package Size(L * W * H)



Seaworthy Wooden Case

OEM ( Original equipment Manufacturer ) is welcome in our factory

Adopt Open Cam for the dividing moving, compare with gear box,easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy replace broken parts. 

Gear Box design only Small Can and small bearing  running in small Box it will limit cup machine running speed (keep in lower speed 40 to 50 pcs/min),If machine running speed more than 60 pcs/min it will short span life and easy broken

Adopt three in one function of big cam to control the paper fan holders opening and closing. That is more efficient and more reliable. Make sure that the paper fan holders work in synchronization.

New design 3 in 1 function big cam

                                                                                                                        paper fan holders

Normal design

Paper fan holders opening and closing are controlled by the two cams,If the machine is running for long time , the two cams will not work in synchronization. That will make the paper cup body sealing in trouble .

Cup bottom knurling is controlled by the full round cam which is fixed by dowel. It is more stable and reliable. Make sure that the finished cups no leakage trouble. 

                                                                                                                New design

                                                                                                  ( full round cam fixed by dowel )

Normal design

The bottom knurling pressure is controlled half round spare, the screws is easy get loose for long time running, then the finished cups easily have leakage trouble.

Use 3 pillar shafts each side, which let the machine run more stably.

Our design machine with Steel Cover on heater which in case paper cup on fire

In normal design,once paper cups fall in the hole where it get buring.

New design with Steel Cover on heater.It is sale and not easily get buring

Open Cam Cup Machine with Auto Oil Lubrication system for machine self oil lubrication which keep sure machine smooth running and long span life. 

The automatic oil lubrication system which keep machine high speed running smoothly, also keep the moving parts with long span life . 
Manual oil machine moving parts: the worker to do it which easy forget it. If machine runs long time without oil lubrication, the machine will be very easy broken.

New design is easy to do adjustment and maintaining

The new design robot hand can pick the cups more accurately and it is more suitable for high-speed running. The new design of pushing the cup body directly to the mold makes the machine run faster.

Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable. The Bottom paper direct feeding to Mould which increase machine running Speed

speed of new design is more higher 70-80pcs/min                         the speed of normal design only 40-50pcs/min

Bottom paper direct feeding design

Open Cam Cup Machine with Paper Fan Two Time feeding design which Easy For   adjust and control paper fan sealing

New design two times paper fan feeding which for control paper to go to sealing heater one by one, which is easy for adjust and control paper fan sealing.
Normal design direct paper fan feeding which paper fan easy jam and trouble in paper fan sealing heater part, which is also difficult to adjust it.

Full Automatic Silicone oil lubrication system direct for paper fan 
New design silicone oil lubrication system is controlled by solenoid valve

In new design we use three layers sucker which can be used for long time

The two layer of partition plates can keep the waste paper or dust away from falling into the machine inside, which is easy for cleaning and maintaining.

        New design Two layers of partition plate                                          Normal design single partition plate

Our design Paper Fan sealing mould with Tope Flat type which better forming both big and small size cup and no paper fan sealing blocked trouble

Using the Aluminous rod to instead of the nylon rod, which is more reliable and longer span life. 

We Use Big and Thickness bearing in machine that is easy for machine target higher speed will not broken, Normal Machine bearing is weak if machine running long time or target high speed very easy broken.

Our design cup machine improved the knurling Device design which better for cup bottom knurling no leakage trouble.

                                                                                                        Key Parts use Cr12 steel,with hard plating.
                                                                                                        the inside bearing assemble method is more stable

Using the Alarm light

New design machine with alarm light which is for reminding clients. If the machine is in trouble, client can find machine in trouble and remove it in time, which is good for machine maintenance.
Normal design machine is without alarm light, if client no find machine in trouble situation  long time when machine on running the spare parts easily broken.

Open Cam machine base with cement seal which make machine much heavy( Net weight 1600KG), Machine running high speed very stable no shake.

New Design Open Cam cup machine Net weight 1400KGS which is much heavy, Machine running target speed 65-75pcs/min stable running will increase any trouble

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