What machines are needed for making disposable paper cups

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The first is to deal with the width of the paper, which is determined according to the face and the way of the printing plate.
1. Either slitting or die cutting, followed by printing.
2. There are two types of printing: offset printing and rubbing printing.
3. Next is die cutting, which is to cut the printed paper into fan-shaped pieces of paper. What's more, some advanced machines can die-cut by themselves.
4. The final step is forming, which requires two parts: the cup body and the bottom. The so-called cup body is the fan-shaped piece die-cut in front, and the bottom of the cup is the paper roll of different specifications. Slitting [cross-cutting] printing, die cutting and forming.

There are 4 types of machines in the four processes, and there is an auxiliary resource in the operation of the 4 types of machines, which is compressed air. The equipment includes: slitting machine, die cutting machine, (pre-press equipment: plate making, printing,) printing machine, paper cup forming machine

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