How are plastic bottle caps produced

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Generally speaking, the production process of plastic bottle caps is roughly divided into two types: compression molding cap production process and injection cap production process

1. Production process of compression molded cover:

Compression-molded bottle caps have no traces of material openings and look more beautiful. The processing temperature is low, the shrinkage is small, and the cap size is more accurate. Put the mixed material into the compression molding machine, heat the material to about 170 degrees Celsius in the plastic cover thermoforming machine to become a semi-plasticized state, and extrude the material into the mold quantitatively. The upper and lower molds are closed, and the cap is pressed into the shape of a bottle cap in the mold, and the cap formed by compression molding remains in the upper mold;

The lower mold is removed, the bottle cap passes through the rotating disk, and the bottle cap is removed from the mold in a counterclockwise direction of the internal thread. After the bottle cap is compression molded, it is rotated on the machine, and a knife is used to cut the anti-theft ring with multiple points connected to the bottle cap at 3 mm from the edge of the bottle cap.

2. Production process of injection cap:

The injection mold is large in size and it is troublesome to replace. Each injection mold requires a large pressure to produce multiple caps, and the material heating temperature is higher, and the energy consumption is higher than that of compression molding. Put the mixed material into an injection molding machine, heat the material to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine to become a semi-plasticized state, inject it into the mold cavity of the mold through pressure, and cool and shape it.

The bottle cap cooling and shrinking grinding tool rotates counterclockwise, and the bottle cap is pushed out under the action of the push plate to realize the automatic fall off of the bottle cap. The use of threaded rotation demoulding can ensure the complete forming of the entire thread and effectively avoid the deformation of the bottle cap Scratched. After cutting the anti-theft ring and installing the sealing ring in the bottle cap, a complete bottle cap is produced.

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