The difference between ordinary heating furnace and hot air gun in paper cup making machine

Author:MINGYUAN Paper Cup Machine SuppliersFROM:Disposable Cup Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-07-02

In the paper cup production process, heating has an important impact on production efficiency and paper cup quality. Hot air guns and ordinary air blowing furnaces are two common heating methods, and they have significant differences in performance and application. The following is a comparison and analysis of the two.

1. Heating temperature and time

Ordinary air blowing furnace for single-tray paper cup machine: The upper temperature limit of ordinary air blowing furnace is usually around 350 degrees. Since the temperature is lower than that of a hot air gun, the heating time is relatively long, which is one of the reasons why the production speed of a single-disk machine is slow.


Double-disk hot air gun: The heating temperature of the hot air gun can reach about 500 degrees. The high temperature greatly shortens the heating time, especially when heating the bottom of the paper fan, which is more efficient. Therefore, making paper cups is significantly faster with a dual-disc machine using a heat gun.


2. Preheating speed

Single-disc ordinary heating furnace: The preheating speed of ordinary heating furnaces is slow and it may take a long time to reach the operating temperature, which affects production efficiency to a certain extent.


Double-disc hot air gun: The hot air gun preheats very quickly and can quickly reach the working temperature, reducing waiting time and improving overall production efficiency.


3. Heating uniformity

Ordinary heating furnace: The heat distribution of ordinary heating furnaces is relatively scattered and not concentrated enough during heating, which may lead to uneven heating and affect the forming speed and quality of paper cups.


Heat gun: The heating points of the heat gun are concentrated, which can better transfer heat to the bottom of the paper fan and ensure uniform heating. This not only improves the molding quality, but also ensures the speed, sealing and durability of paper cups.


To sum up, the hot air gun has higher heating temperature, faster preheating speed and better heating uniformity than ordinary air blowing furnace. These advantages give the double-disc machine using a hot air gun significant efficiency and quality advantages in paper cup production. Therefore, during the production process, choosing appropriate heating equipment is the key to improving production efficiency and product quality.

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