What are the paper raw materials commonly used in paper cup machine production?

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the widespread use of disposable paper cups, the demand for paper cup machines continues to increase. As the core equipment for paper cup production, paper cup machines have very strict requirements for raw materials. This article will introduce in detail the paper raw materials required for paper cup machine production to help you better understand the paper cup production process and its raw material selection.

1.Coated Paper

  1. Single-sided coated paper: Mainly used for the production of single-layer paper cups. The inner layer is coated to prevent liquid leakage.
  2. Double-sided coated paper: used for the production of double-layer paper cups or paper cups that require higher waterproof performance, with both inner and outer layers coated.


2.Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is often used to produce the outer layer of paper cups due to its toughness and high burst resistance. Kraft paper is mostly brown or white in color, has good printing effects and is environmentally friendly, so it is widely used in the production of high-end paper cups.

  1. Brown kraft paper: unbleached, natural and environmentally friendly, suitable for making environmentally friendly paper cups.
  2. White kraft paper: bleached, smooth surface, suitable for printing paper cups with exquisite patterns.
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3.White Cardboard

The texture of white cardboard is hard and smooth, and its surface is suitable for printing fine patterns. It is widely used in the production of mid-to-high-end paper cups. White cardboard is often used as the outer layer of paper cups to enhance the beauty and texture of the paper cups.

  1. Ordinary white cardboard: suitable for general printing needs and low cost.
  2. High-gloss white cardboard: The surface is bright, suitable for high-quality printing, and improves the grade of paper cups.
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Cardboard is mainly used to produce the middle layer of double-layer paper cups to increase the thermal insulation performance and strength of the paper cups. The cardboard material is usually thicker and can effectively insulate heat and prevent users from burning their hands.

  1. Corrugated cardboard: It adopts corrugated structure and has good thermal insulation effect and compression resistance.
  2. Smooth cardboard: moderate thickness, hard texture, suitable for inner or middle layers.

There are many types of paper raw materials required for paper cup machine production, including coated paper, kraft paper, white cardboard, and cardboard. Different paper raw materials have different characteristics and uses. Enterprises should choose appropriate paper raw materials based on the use of paper cups, production costs and environmental protection requirements. Mingyuan Company is committed to providing high-quality paper cup production equipment and recommending the best raw material choices to customers, helping companies produce high-quality, environmentally friendly paper cup products. I hope this article will help you understand the paper raw materials produced by paper cup machines.

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